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 Since 1984, The Propane People have been delivering and installing propane tanks and gas lines for businesses and homes in Scottsdale. No matter the use or the size of propane tank that you need, our propane experts at The Propane People can professionally take care of your needs.

Propane is one of the most efficient, economical and safest products available to power your gas appliances. Compared to electricity, it is a much better choice for use in your Scottsdale home or business.

Scottsdale Propane Services

The Propane People offer a wide variety of propane services to businesses and homeowners in Scottsdale. Our experience provides you with professional propane services that are second to none. Some of the propane services that we have to offer include:

Propane Delivery – Our drivers will keep your propane tank filled so that you can enjoy the benefits of your gas appliances. Just call us and we will schedule a delivery for the next day. We also offer emergency propane delivery. Learn more at Propane Delivery.

Propane Tank Installation – To ensure that you have the proper amount of propane to operate all of the gas powered appliances in your Scottsdale home or business, we will come to your location and determine the exact tank that fits your needs. Learn more at Propane Tank Installation.

Propane Gas Lines – Getting the propane from the tank requires the installation of gas lines. Our expert  gas line installers will properly design the distribution of propane and professionally install the gas lines to all of your gas appliances. Learn more at Propane Gas Line Installation.

Scottsdale Propane Uses

 Propane offers homeowners and businesses in Scottsdale a wide variety of options to create practical and dramatic applications. From beautiful fire features to heating the water for your home or business to being part of your manufacturing process, propane is an excellent choice. How propane can be used is only limited by the imagination. Here are just a few of the propane applications that we offer at The Propane People:

Fire Features – Nothing is better than relaxing around a fire at homes and resorts in Scottsdale. From traditional fireplaces to exciting fire features around the pool to gas powered lanterns, The Propane People can help you create a visual masterpiece. Learn more at Fire Features.

Heating and Hot Water – Propane is one of the most practical ways to make hot water and heat your Scottsdale home or business. Propane produces hot water much faster and efficiently than an electric water heater. Learn more about our services at Heating and Hot Water.

Pools and Spas – There is nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in the pool or sitting in the hot tub after a long day of work. Propane heated pools and spas are a very efficient way to keep the water at the perfect temperature. Learn how we can keep your spa and pool usable year round at Pools and Spas.

Propane Fire Feature Safety

Propane is one of the safest and most reliable ways to have gas powered appliances in your Scottsdale home or business. Learn more at Propane Safety.

We are asked many questions about propane. We have compiled a list of some of those questions and answers that will help you understand the benefits of propane. To learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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To learn more about the professional propane services and applications that we can provide for your Scottsdale home or business, give us a call today at 623-643-0150. You can also reach us with any Scottsdale propane questions that you may have through the contact form provided below.

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